Casino of Charlevoix: Young Australian finally bailed out

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Doublelight Productions did the communications & media relations for this legal mandate.

After spending almost 3 months at the Quebec City detention center, Yujin WU, the young Australian with chinese background arrested at the Casino of Charlevoix at the end of June, was finally bailed out today.

He’s free to go but will have to respect conditions, until his trial later on in Mid-October, in the Quebec Court in La Malbaie.

Represented by Quebec City lawyer, Me Stéphane HARVEY, the 22 year old Australian can now hang around with his dad, Hua WU, who came from Australia to make the first bail of 5000$. He will stay and supervize his son at least for two weeks, at a Chinese friends’ residence in Quebec City.

The Superior Court’s judge accepted the request of Yujin WU, made on Friday Sept.15 in Quebec City. He took the whole weekend to release a 9 page document in which smoother conditions than Friday, are to be respected before the trial, scheduled on October 16.