We tune up your ideas into great visual

Promo/corpo videos

Production of promo videos, corporate videos & video capsules from 30s to 1m30s (French, English & other versions).

The corpo videos can entail short clips.

We also realize 3D videos, 2D motion design and videos/photos with drones.

Videos for all companies, governments, groups, associations, to insert on their Websites & social media.

TV-Radio-Web ads

Production of TV-Radio-Web/Promotional ads of 15sec./30sec./1 min. (French, English & other versions).

The ads may include a few short clips.

Advertisements for all companies, governments, groups & associations to be broadcasted on TV-Radio-Web and infixed on their Websites & social media.


In its creative side, Doublelight Productions International produces 30 & 60 minute documentaries on various subjects for TV & WebTV (French, English & other versions)..

The audio-visual projects of the creative component often reflect very touching human stories that can help anyone change and improve society..

Doc Visions of the Masters: Trailer >

TV/WebTV documentary series

In its creative side, Doublelight Productions International produces TV-WebTV documentary series on various subjects.

Often reflecting touching human stories to help anyone change and improve society, the audio-visual projects are produced in series of 10-13-20 or 26 programs of 30 min. or 60 min. each (French, English & other versions).

Narrations / Voice-overs

Doublelight Productions International provides narration/voice-over/dubbing services for videos, commercials, documentaries & films.

Our company can also produce & record TV-Radio-Web commercials and narrations/voice-overs in our studios.

Doublelight Productions International produces videos focusing on green energy & new technology sectors