5 videos for the Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec (AIEQ)

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Doublelight Productions International produced five short videos in French for the Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec (AIEQ) (Quebec Electrical Industry Association).

Shot and produced in conjunction with a fellow Quebec City company, Dock Studio, the five videos reflect the testimonies of players in this growing green energy industry. The videos are shown at the AIEQ annual conference in the fall, and thru its social media.

The Quebec Electrical Industry Association, collaborating closely with Hydro-Quebec, continues to grow by virtue of its program PASQÉ (Plateforme d’approvisionnement stratégique québécois de l’industrie électrique/The Quebec Strategic Electric Supply Plateform). It’s aiming notably to beget meshes among players, and to widening its membership and professional Quebec companies operating here and internationally, in this highly technological and environmentally friendly sector.

Four of the five videos (in French):
Video Marmen
Video Schneider Electric
Video Deloitte